Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I have been making some progress, I have actully been getting alot of quilts finished I just keep forgetting to take pictures and post them, But here are a couple more that I have finished.
Here is my sister's quilt she sent to me to finish for her.
Here is a good picture of the quilting that I did all over it.
I did get a chance to play a bit this weekend too......Catrena came over and spent most of sunday at the house with me and we made some bags for our stuff, you can never have to many bags hehe, I have been using this one since.......

This is the front of the bag, Its pretty flashy and bright but it looks good, I really liked the fact that you can use charm squares for it so really not as much cutting involved.

here is the back of the bag

and here is the inside with the great pockets in there too.....

I was pretty shocked Friday when I got to work. My boss that I had made the Texas Flag quilt asked me if I would make him another one for his spare bedroom.... Wow I was shocked, I have been so worried that he didnt like it but he loved it so much he wanted to pay me to make him another one that matches.... So I know what project I will be working on for a bit.. Kind of a bummer since the weather is so beautiful all I want to do is play outside, We are in the mid 50's during the day right now I think its going to be a great summer, We are off to a great start so far.

Well off to work I go High, Ho High, Ho High Ho

Monday, April 7, 2008

Finished Finished

So I have been forgetting to take pictures of some of the quilts that I have been finishing so I decided to take some today and post about them. I have more to come but I will save those for another post. Mabey tomorrow. This first one is a commision quilt for my boss. He asked for a Texas Flag so I made one. This is a log cabin pattern and that was the easy part, the hardest was the 1 inch thick batting that he wanted in it, well actully he wanted it more like 3-5 inches thick but I really couldnt fit that into my quilting machine. I quilted cowboy hats and boots all over it with red white and blue thread on the front and used a red varigated thread on the back with a red flannel on the back.

This next one was quilted for my sister, She sent me 4 quilts to do 2 of them for charity and I got them done so fast I forgot to take pictures of them but I got this one that she made for her soon to be husband's grandfather. Here is a close up of the quilting that I did on it,
I finished another one last night but I will have to post pics of it tomorrow since I finished late and just went to bed and left it still pinned to the table.