Monday, April 7, 2008

Finished Finished

So I have been forgetting to take pictures of some of the quilts that I have been finishing so I decided to take some today and post about them. I have more to come but I will save those for another post. Mabey tomorrow. This first one is a commision quilt for my boss. He asked for a Texas Flag so I made one. This is a log cabin pattern and that was the easy part, the hardest was the 1 inch thick batting that he wanted in it, well actully he wanted it more like 3-5 inches thick but I really couldnt fit that into my quilting machine. I quilted cowboy hats and boots all over it with red white and blue thread on the front and used a red varigated thread on the back with a red flannel on the back.

This next one was quilted for my sister, She sent me 4 quilts to do 2 of them for charity and I got them done so fast I forgot to take pictures of them but I got this one that she made for her soon to be husband's grandfather. Here is a close up of the quilting that I did on it,
I finished another one last night but I will have to post pics of it tomorrow since I finished late and just went to bed and left it still pinned to the table.

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