Friday, June 27, 2008

Finished Stuff

Ok so I finished the second Texas Flag quilt for my boss last week and then decided to take a couple days off of sewing. But I got back at it on Wednesday and finished this brown one for A. the pattern that was quilted on it is called Almost Paisley and I used a brown and tan varigated thread.
Here is the whole quilt.

and here is a close up of the quilting.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More quilts

Ok as most will see the pictures that I post are really not in the order that I quilt them. They are in the order that I decide that I want to post a pic and find a quilt pic off my camera to talk about. But I love this pattern and hope I can get the name of it from T soon. This is a quilt she made for a friend she works with that has colon cancer. It turned out really pretty and I love the colors. I quilted it with a cancer ribbon and a tan and brown varigated thread.

This is the front of the quilt

and then a closer picture of the front

and the back. It really does look nice.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Orange Quilt

I love the colors in this quilt. I am not really one to like bright colors but this really looks retro and I have fallen in love with the quilt that T has made. So I finished this up last night. I quilted oranges and slices on it with a orange creamcicle type of varigated thread. I hope she likes it as much as I do

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Quilt finished

I loaded this quilt for A and got it all quilted, I love the colors perfect for my DD bedroom. Wishin it was mine but I think I might make a buggy barn quilt like this one soon... After I finishe all the quilts my boss wants me to make.

I only have 6 more log cabin squares to make and the blocks are all finishes and I can put it all together and get it on the quiting frame. T is going to do the binding for me so I hope to have it quilted by the end of the weekend so I can give her time to get it done since my boss wants it on the 21st.

So here are a couple pics of A's quilt she made. The pattern I quilted on it is called 30's Flowers and i used a light pink thread.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back again

It has been so busy with work and quilting I havent had time to check in, But here goes, I have quilted a whole bunch of quilts so I will go thru my camera this weekend and post some update pics for everyone soon. I do have 1 pic on this computer that I can post for you. It is a quilt that I made for the school for their fundraiser at christmas time. It was a fast and easy one that really turned out pretty. Its the yellow brick road pattern in christmas fabric and I quilted ornaments all over it.I used a gold thread on the top to really make it stand out. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I have been making some progress, I have actully been getting alot of quilts finished I just keep forgetting to take pictures and post them, But here are a couple more that I have finished.
Here is my sister's quilt she sent to me to finish for her.
Here is a good picture of the quilting that I did all over it.
I did get a chance to play a bit this weekend too......Catrena came over and spent most of sunday at the house with me and we made some bags for our stuff, you can never have to many bags hehe, I have been using this one since.......

This is the front of the bag, Its pretty flashy and bright but it looks good, I really liked the fact that you can use charm squares for it so really not as much cutting involved.

here is the back of the bag

and here is the inside with the great pockets in there too.....

I was pretty shocked Friday when I got to work. My boss that I had made the Texas Flag quilt asked me if I would make him another one for his spare bedroom.... Wow I was shocked, I have been so worried that he didnt like it but he loved it so much he wanted to pay me to make him another one that matches.... So I know what project I will be working on for a bit.. Kind of a bummer since the weather is so beautiful all I want to do is play outside, We are in the mid 50's during the day right now I think its going to be a great summer, We are off to a great start so far.

Well off to work I go High, Ho High, Ho High Ho

Monday, April 7, 2008

Finished Finished

So I have been forgetting to take pictures of some of the quilts that I have been finishing so I decided to take some today and post about them. I have more to come but I will save those for another post. Mabey tomorrow. This first one is a commision quilt for my boss. He asked for a Texas Flag so I made one. This is a log cabin pattern and that was the easy part, the hardest was the 1 inch thick batting that he wanted in it, well actully he wanted it more like 3-5 inches thick but I really couldnt fit that into my quilting machine. I quilted cowboy hats and boots all over it with red white and blue thread on the front and used a red varigated thread on the back with a red flannel on the back.

This next one was quilted for my sister, She sent me 4 quilts to do 2 of them for charity and I got them done so fast I forgot to take pictures of them but I got this one that she made for her soon to be husband's grandfather. Here is a close up of the quilting that I did on it,
I finished another one last night but I will have to post pics of it tomorrow since I finished late and just went to bed and left it still pinned to the table.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well It has been a busy 2 weeks. Lets start out with my son M Graduated from the Alaska Military Youth Academy. I am so so so proud of him. It has been great having him home. He is so motivated, He graduated on a Saturday and Has a Job on Monday. He has only been late 1 time and that was the time change thing. but he loves his job and has ambition in life.

Ok now for the fun stuff, On Wednesday the 5th I packed up my sewing machine and some UFO's and Headed down to Homer for a long weekend retreat. We had such a blast and I actully got a couple UFO's finished. I will have to post pics later as the usb on this computer has died so I have to upload the pics at work. I got home on Monday night and rested on Tuesday I loaded a quilt and got that one finished and on Saturday I got another 1 finished. I brought home a bunch of quilts to finish and have picked up several more this week. I just wanted to take a break and talk about how wonderful Homer was. It was nice not having to cook or clean or make my bed and we were so spoiled down there too.

Kyle was wonderfull he took care of the kids and let me relax and not stress about them. I am so thankful for that time to myself to do whatever I want. I know my Mom had a great time too. I picked her up on my was down to homer and we had a great time together this was our 4th time doing this retreat together and will not be the last.

Well I am going to get back to pinning the batik circles quilt onto the leaders.
Happy quilting!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back from Quilting dream world.

Ok Im back from the depths of the dungeon that I call my quilting studio. I got a new toy for my quilting table in October and have found my self pretty busy with client quilts since then. I will post some pics in a bit but I just wanted to let you all know if anyone actully reads this that I am back and I will be better about blogging. Hopefully on a daily basis. Have a great day hehehe