Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To Do for the week

Well the 12 yr old dramaqueen caught a plane and flew off to Maine for the summer to visit her grandparents. I know she was excited to go and I will really miss having her around, I have a big list of things I need to get done before she gets home in august so its going to be a busy busy summer.

to start I am getting my list together for things I would like to get accomplished this week before hunny gets home on tuesday...

*make and quilt totem pole quilt(cutting out the applique tonight)
*load and quilt bears quilt
*load and quilt squares quilt
*work on bay windows quilt
if there is time
*load and quilt T's Snowman quilt
*load and quilt T's bright quilt
I think i should have enough time to get all this done and hopefully get the house deep cleaned, I am going to focus on one room a day that way I have time to sew too.
I got the entry way and stairs all done today. I really feel like I have accomplished so much already.

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Dionne said...

Wow! That is quite a list you have going there. What a long summer it will be without the dramaqueen about! (I have one of my own and it sure gets quiet when she's gone)
I'm so glad you got my weapon ok and like it!
(AKA - Agent DG)