Friday, May 22, 2009

My plans on this long weekend

So I have been so busy there has not been much time to post or sew... Last weekend I was invited back to the lodge to sew for another weekend with the mom's but life happens, I was at my hunny's house which is a couple miles away from my parents house visiting and I got the call from mom... Seems my nephew was injured in a soccer game and we needed to head up to anchorage where he would be placed in the ICU!!! So after the 1 - 1/2 hour drive down to my parents place I had to do the same drive back up to my place to the hospital... So no sewing weekend. I finally got them all back home and comfortable on Tuesday... I have spent the week working on the teapot quilts for Ann, I will have the last one finished tonight and hopefully tomorrow I can hit the road back down to the lodge in seward again.. I am really looking forward to the long weekend of me sewing and relaxing.

Ohhh big buisness works going on soon too. I will update you once its all ready to go live.

I have some ideas and plans for the spring blooms swap that I am apart of... I figured that it really needs to have an alaska theme to is since it is coming from alaska and the quilt shops just started carrying the wonderfull fireweed fabric so thats my start and my inspiration for this one. I will have the top done hopefully this weekend and get it quilted during the next week... Im pretty excited and hope my swap partner likes it too.

Happy Quilting

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