Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whats Going On!

Well I am back from my trip out to Fox Island, It was beautiful even though it was sprinkling all weekend. We saw this cute little Sea Otter on our way out to the island.

This is the view of the beach our cabin was tucked into the woods right off the beach. very peaceful and relaxing.

This was the little man mom built on the beach after our wonderful dinner I will tell you about.

So here is the whole fox island story.... We got on the boat at 11am and traveled out to the island which is about an hour ride on the boat. We went in and had a yummy prime rib and crab legs lunch, then I walked around on the beach for a bit. The people that were not staying the night got back on the boat and continued their tour of resurection bay while mom and I and 5 other groups stayed on the island. Mom had to work in the gift shop for a while so I walked along the beach for a bit then went to our cabin and knitted for a bit. Then we all met up for a wonderful 5 star dinner. Our Chef made us a yummy horsradish,panko crusted Halibut that was so yummy and when it was time for desert I was shocked to see he had made me a special treat. My mom let him know I was allergic to Chocolate so when they brought out the Chocolate Moouse they brought me a yummy Creme Brulle. The wine was great and so was the breakfast that they made us the next morning... The rest of the group caught the boat and went on a long glacier cruise and mom and I caught the shuttle back to Seward. We went to the local quilt shop and then I headed out to the mining claim for the night....When I got home sunday I finished the Blooms for Annebell top and now I am working on the applique part of it and put on the borders then it will be ready for quilting.. here is the pic of my progress

I was pretty tired when I got off work last night so I didnt work on the applique. I figured if I sat there and did hand work I would fall asleep so I started my version of a coin quilt. I am about 3/4 finished with it already. I will post pics of it tomorrow. I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend. It seems all I have been doing for the past month is driving everywhere and I am ready to just relax.
So What are you up to!

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